Every girl has a little tomboy in her, amirite?

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You're suggesting that all girls branch out from the preconceived gender role stereotypes assigned to females? The hell you say.

I could say "every boy has a little girly girl in them, amirite?" and it would get a -19230 score. I don't consider anything "tomboy" or "girly girl". Just because you play video games or sports doesn't make you any less of a girl. I find it hard to believe a girl who isn't transsexual/hermaphroditic can be "partially male." Unless you go through gender-reassignment hormone therapy, you're just a girl who likes to do recreational activities; it doesn't require another name to label you as partially the other gender.

Apparently everyone at uni thinks I'm such a tomboy that when I put on a dress the other day, all my friends were stunned and giving me loads of compliments.

Works for me.

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Why can't we just say 'people like things outside of gender stereotype'?

Some people do, some people don't. I'm not a tomboy at all, but I do like some sports and video games from time to time.

I'm actually thinking about starting to take T. I know tomboy and FtM aren't the same, but I read this and was reminded.

I'm excited. my name would be owen.

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Becuase we are created in the image of God, and he has no gender. Therefore, both gender shows traits of God.

Every thing about me is like super girly except me playing halo... But everything else, like my voice, clothes, how I act, people even call me Barbie, ouch.

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