You remember eating Puppy Chow with your fellow classmates in elementary school, amirite?

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in high school

We had too many peanut allergies in my school.

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you've been deprived of the powdered-sugary goodness that is puppy chow!

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It's some sugary chex mix snack that I'd never heard of either until I did a bake sale in the fall and someone brought them.


We called it Muddy Buddies

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@We called it Muddy Buddies

that's what my family calls it. i love that stuff.

that stuff is so fucking good!!!!

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Puppy chow and Playdoh . Mmm, childhood is calling.

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At first I thought this was talking about dog food, and I was shocked and confused as to why so many kids would eat that in elementary school. Then, I read the comments and now I'm jealous.

i haven't had puppy chow since i was in elementary.D:

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Most of my friends brought some but it was in high school.

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Oh god, yes! That was the bomb, we'd always have read ins and then everyone would bring food and like five people always brought puppy chow. mm, I miss that.

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We had a party in one of my classes yesterday and we had puppy chow..sooo good! and I'm in high school

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freaking amazing!

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Yesss. WTF happened to Poppy Chow, it was amazing!

It's sad this is the negatives. Some people missed a big chunk of awesome childhood.

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