It seems like reincarnation is kind of a valid idea. I mean, why should we get to live long luxurious lives but the chicken on your plate lives a short life, gets raised inhumanely, and is killed for food? Wouldn't it be more fair if we all experienced everything? amirite?

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i think you mean it sounds like a more fair idea...not so much valid. there could never really be proof of it because we're not supposed to remember our past lives

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But we wouldn't really "experience" everything, because to have experience you have to learn from your past, but in reincarnation you have no knowledge of any past lives you may have had.
It's not really "fair" in that way either, because then someone who worked hard to earn an awesome life and people they loved would just forget about it completely in their next life.

I would believe this but, who says everything is fair?
even if reincarnation did exist, it would be pointless; if i was reborn as a chicken, i wouldn't be my self at all. i wouldn't realize i was just reborn, and no one else would either. no one would have any idea that i used to be Claire, so-- what's the point ?

Who ever said life was fair?

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I believe in reincarnation because of the law of conservation of energy "No energy can be created or destroyed, just shifted/changed" I dont necessarily think you can remember your past lives, some people think small elements from past lives carry on ex/ A person is afraid of heights-when in their past life they fell to death (they dont know that though, they are just afraid of heights) But idk. I'm mainly for it because of the energy law.

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