All guys should use axe shampoo, amirite?

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most of them already do. in horrifying amounts.

I love the shower gels...but not the sprays, those are too obnoxious

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I use axe everything >.> lol, but I'm happy to say when I use the spray, I don't use horrific amounts and have never had anyone complain, and gotten lots of compliments

No. Me and my friends refer to it as the scent of assholes. No offense.

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Axe smells like shit :/

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Only if they're like 15...

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Only if they want to. :P

"what about my ballsack?" LOL I love their commercials.

No, Axe smells terrible.
I hate it with a passion.
If guys really want to smell good, they should invest in quality cologne.
I have Gucci cologne and it smells amazing.

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