I get that the cartoon profile picture thing is to raise awareness for child abuse, but you have to admit it's a bit strange to look to the left of your screen and see that Invader Zim and Clifford the big red dog are Online, amirite?

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It's also strange to see a status full of curses and the picture is of Arthur

its overlapping with pokemon profile picture month quite nicely

I honestly don't understand how the hell it's raising awareness against child abuse.
It's kind of useless if you ask me.
But really fun though (:

It is even stranger if you found a Pedo_Bear picture

I just saw on the local news that the group that started it was a group of pedos. No joke. And kids are accepting friend requests from people they don't know because they think its like another kid. How fantastic.

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So that's why they're doing it! I gotta go change my profile picture to pikachu now!

I think they're taking over our Pokemon Profile Picture Month. I mean, my eeveelutions don't mix well with the Angry Beavers and Aaaah! Real Monsters.

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