Wouldn't it be wonderful if the countries settled all disputes over friendly matches of rock-paper-scissors, Chess, Video Games or sports? Instead of innocent people getting blown up in war.... amirite?

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I say we all just give chocolate as a peace offering

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Yes Chocolate and Strawberries will melt any dictator's heart and make him fall to his knees. :)

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Yeah but America gets a lot of it's games first, so they get a longer period of time to know the game. ;(
(Plus, America seems to be having a lot of wars and settling American wars with American "video" (I just say games, or something.) games will most likely result in America winning.

@ohaitharitspietime I forgets to close mah bracket at teh end.

Sorry for the triple post, but I forgot you put games like chess up there.
Chess would work good unless you have the chess champion on your team.
Good ol' fashioned games will be good.

America: "Hey, Binladen, what say you we settle this over rock-paper-scissors?"

Binladen: "You're on."

A suspenseful game takes place, and Binladen wins rock over scissors


Hahaha, of course they will ;)

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