If you're accepted a Ivy League school, it be stupid not to study medicine or law and study something else. It makes no sense. If you're not going to study medicine or law, go to a 4 year school. amirite?

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What? Ivy Leagues are four year schools, too. The amount of years you need depend on your major.

Lol. "it be stupid".

I actually agree with this, to a point. Ivy Leagues are generally pedigree schools, and if you're only planning to major in something such as Elementary Education, then having an Ivy on your resume will make it more difficult for you to find a job, since employers will expect you to expect a higher salary because of where you went to school.
I'm not discouraging people from going there, but I feel as if it's better for business or medical majors to go to an Ivy.

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You realize that undergraduate programs are seperate from masters, and that getting a world class education would be a good thing for anyone, not just doctors and lawyers, etc. Plus Ivy Leagues have better financial aid then any other schools, so nowadays it's cheaper to go there then to some state schools.

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Ivy league is 4 years. They won't let you graduate early. They want your money.

And what about going to business school, or grad school in other fields?

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