Textaphrenia is a new type of disease mainly found in the blood of teenagers, in which a person thinks He/She has heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message. amirite?

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You got that from Facebook. Shut yer face.


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Schizophrenia is when the mind is split or multiplied into different (unreal) thoughts and visions. Textaphrenia would be when the mind is in text.

Facebook group. Top likes. Move on.

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Hahaha good one I agree :) lol I think I have that disease

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i Have That Textephrenia. Because Mostly All The Time I Feel My Phone Vibrating Or Hearing It Go Off But When I Check It I Didnt Get A New Message. Nd When Im On FaceBook I Suddenly Hear A Ding Wich Means You Get A New IM But Its Just In My Head. Im Addicted To Texting And Facebook. :P

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penis penis text-o penis!

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Hahahah that happens so often!

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or phantom text syndrome

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Who cares if I got it off facebook, seriously get over it.

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