What kind of people actually go on YouTube and click the dislike button? If you don't like the video, simply don't watch it. amirite?

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You can not possibly know whether or not you like a video without watching it. After watching it, you might not like it.

^^ Yeah, wth man. "If you don't like certain people, just don't meet them!"

I know right?!?! These people are SICK human beings! How could they do such a terrible thing. Society is shit these days because some people decide to dislike a video!

Some of those videos deserve dislikes.

just to re-iterate... how can you... sigh. what they said ^^

It's not meant for haters to go dislike Ke$ha and Justin Bieber videos, suppose you watch a video that is crappy quality, has the wrong song, the lyrics are wrong, has the wrong title, or is one of those videos like "girl throws puppies in river" or "baby gets bit by king cobra", would you rather just refrain from liking it or be able to dislike it?
Basically the dislikes are to show people that in one way or another its a bad video.

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Yeah but there's those people who KNOW they don't like a song yet they still go on the music video and comment and dislike it

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