"Helen Keller" is a trump card in Apples to Apples, amirite?

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"Festering wounds" is a good one too.

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Especially when the green card is "touchy feely"

So is "AIDS" and sometimes "my bedroom."

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"Adolf Hitler"

"my body" is my favorite.

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Also, the cards that say women, men, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.

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I've definitely lost with that one before :c. "Your mom" is pretty good.

I put helen keller and clueless. Win.

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I think "My Grandma's House" is one of the best.

I put Helen Keller under the topic of disappointing and then I got yelled at by my mom. XD

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This really hurt my feelings /:

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@Two l's in HeLen? IMPOSTER!

I'm blind and deaf, how do you expect me to know/spell my name correctly?

AIDS. AIDS always wins. ALWAYS.

I told my friends this and they were all, "But it doesn't go with the green!" I think that's their way of saying they either have no sense of humor or don't know who Helen Keller is.

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I was playing with my family and the green card was 'quiet' I put Helen Keller and won. The next one was 'miserable' my brothr put down aids. He won.

At my church when we play Apples to Apples, no matter what the card is, Helen Keller, AIDS, Adolf Hitler, China, and Hockey always win. Always. Or the Create Your Own Card.

Martha Stewart's a good one also (: I hate the planet ones.

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