It's a little amusing when people constantly argue what nationality Jesus was (black, white, asian, etc.), when if they focused on geography as much as religion, they would know that Jesus would have had dark hair, probably a beard, and brown skin, because he lived in east India, which is where Afghanistan is, amirite?

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He's from Israel. Not Afghanistan. Where is everyone getting this Afghanistan thing?

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You guys got it all wrong... We can know that Jesus was black because:
1. He called everyone "brother".
2. He liked Gospel music
3. He didn't get a fair trial.

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Which makes you wonder where we get this archetypal brown hair and blue eyes character. Who first drew Jesus like that, anyway? What did the other rejected versions look like?

Although I guess it's like my history teacher once told me: "If elephants believed in Jesus, Jesus would look like an elephant."

In other words, every culture wants God to look like them, so they draw Him with the characteristics of their race. Thus, White Jesus in the Western world, Brown Jesus in the East. Interesting.

since when was Nazareth anywhere close to afghanistan, and since when was afghanistan in INDIA??/

I would love to see a realistic picture of Jesus with a big, sterotypical Jewish nose hanging in my church. It'd be great. And to preach in the Temple, which He did often He would've had to have a beard and be married. Those were the rules.

Given his ancestry (the different tribes everyone was from and still very strongly practiced) He may or may not have had lighter skin than most Middle-Easterns, but was still from the Israel area and walked around in the sun all day.

And given that Joseph was a carpenter and He probably helped Joseph, He would've been ripped as well.

Its a little amusing when people argue Jesus would be from Afghanistan, when if they focused on the bible as much as their own opinion, they would notice Jesus was born in Israel.

Afghanistan isn't in India

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Maybe you should be have focused on geography...

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is this a troll post? xD

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Afghanistan isn't in India at all.

He is only portrayed as the typical european man because of the renessaince

tell that to crazy ole' Mel Gibson

He was born in Bet-Lahm (which means Meat House in Arabic, weird I know) in Palestine. That is something I'm completely sure of.

@Bet Lehem is actually Hebrew. It means Bread House

Means Meat House in Arabic, though. Both right.

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Jesus was actually born in modern day Israel.. hence the entire Pakistan/Israel Holy Land conflict that so plagues our world. learn some church history before posting this. Also, the reason Jesus is portrayed as such isn't out of ignorance, but out of a desire to find a personal connection to him. I think most people understand that Jesus would have looked Middle-Eastern, spoke Arabic, etc.

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Idk where he lived.

I've never read the bible.

... Jesus wasn't born in Israel because Israel was formed, oh, about fifty years ago.

He was born in Bethlaham (sp...). PALESTINE. It was Palestine THEN, at least leave them their effing history.

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he also would have most likely had a short cropped hair cut instead of the long flowing brown locks because that was the style of the time.
and if he was from israel, he could very well be white skinned. My grandfather was from israel and he was paler than a snowball.

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Shouldn't we be thinking of Mary's genes here?

I mean, I know God was the father, but Jesus got some of His genes from Mary.
So His skin color is probably based on Mary's skin color, whatever that may have been.

Um, he was born from a virgin, so he might no he have any of the gene make up of the virgin mary, he just is the son of god so nobody has any fucking idea

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