Its not really considered "world tour" if they only go through america and some places in europe and asia.Aren't we (the unvisited parts and the middle east) not considered part of the world? This just doesn't make sense, at least change the name "world tour". amirite?

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The point of it is that they are going to different parts of the world, not every single country in the entire world.

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"United States, some parts of Europe, and some parts of Asia TOUR!"

They can't visit every square inch of the earth.

Well it'd sound pretty stupid if they said; Canada, America, A few places in Europe and a few places in Asia tour.

"The Developed World Tour!"

They can simply call it tour. If they did that they won't have to go through the problems of ppl complaining about the celebs not coming because they didn't say that its a "world" tour.They just said tour. As simple as that.

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They probably don't have a large fanbase in asia compared to europe

they cant go everywhere. that would be the longest tour ever, so they look at sales in merchandising and other profits and see where they can make the most money.

Yeah! It's only very occasionally that they go to Australia and New Zealand. So annoying!

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As others have said, world tour doesn't mean they go to every country. Just like a national tour of the us doesn't go to every state. That'd be crazy

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