Your car is Japanese. Your beer is German. Your wine is Spanish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Colombian. Your tea is Chinese. Your watch is Swiss. Your fashion is french. Your shirt is Indian. Your shoes are Thai. Your radio is Korean. Your vodka is Russian. And then you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together! amirite?

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Isn't everything from China?

Sergs avatar Serg No Way +15Reply

My cocaine is Colombian.

Anonymous +10Reply
@My cocaine is Colombian.

My weed is Mexican.

TalkingRices avatar TalkingRice Yeah You Are +3Reply
@My cocaine is Colombian.

BC weed is better

names avatar name No Way -1Reply

Pull your word together!

Spanish wine? Bitch, please! I am no white trash! French, Italian, or Oregonian only.

@ctiscooler Spanish wine? Bitch, please! I am no white trash! French, Italian, or Oregonian only.

Californian is far overrated. Oregon is full of hidden gem vineyards.
(According to my wine snob father. I don't even drink.)

"Yeah, you're a self-made man. All the clothes you're wearing and everything you're using was made by other people; the food you're eating was picked by other people; the machinery you're driving around, the rifle you own was made by other people. Everything you have and use, made by other people, and right now you're exploiting Mexican immigrants on your ranch, and you're sitting on land that was stolen from the Native peoples in the first place--but you're a self-made man!" Bob Avakian

MusicIsAGifts avatar MusicIsAGift Yeah You Are +7Reply

Only the car and democracy parts actually apply to me.
I still see what you were trying to say, so YYA

HopeImrites avatar HopeImrite Yeah You Are +5Reply

I can't decide to YYA this or NW it, cuz only like half of these apply to me. But then again I live in Canada, we don't have anything against immigrants!

I've seen this post so many times I practically have it memorized.

As the comments above have stated, this is not original, but I thought it was pretty good and funny so I put it on amirite. No more "I already read this already mannn" Commnents please?

TalkingRices avatar TalkingRice Yeah You Are +1Reply

Wrong. My car is Swedish.

Anonymous 0Reply
@Wrong. My car is Swedish.

So is my vodka, actually and it's delicious.

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Local beer, wine abstinence, Brazilian coffee, Indian tea, without watch, Moroccan shirt, Vietnamese and Chinese shoes, Polish vodka. Still counts though.

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Would've been nice if you included the link to where you got this from, even if it wasn't the original link.


My shoes are usually Vietnamese and my shirt is usually from either El Salvador or Nicaragua... My underwear is always from India though y smilie

Wrong, Greek had a direct democracy. Rome had a republic which is closer to the three branch system we have today. Its simple knowledge you can find in a High School history book.

Phils avatar Phil No Way -4Reply
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