Predictive text; It may be quicker, but sure as hell does make things awkward when you accidentally make an inappropriate typo. amirite?

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"What's up?"

"Oh nothing, just shitting on the couch."
"sitting**** "

Quite a big difference thurr.

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i know, it's ducking annoying!

@actbadlookgood i know, it's ducking annoying!

That feature is a piece of carp

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@FlyingGuineaPig That feature is a piece of carp

hahah i looove it, but i'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out carp if you typed in the correct order of the letters.. just sayiiin'

htt[://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/ :)

@borhos222 htt[://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/ :)

Best website ever. Other than this one, of course. (:

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@borhos222 htt[://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/ :)

HAHAH i went to that website and am laughing so hard now :D

A few days ago, I was texting the girl I like.

I meant to say "I know you're a busy person"

I wrote "I know you're a busty person"

But I caught it before I sent it. Thank god.

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Same :(

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By the way, OP, you get four candygrams.

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