For some strange reason easter egg resess peanut butter cups taste WAY better than the other resess's cups. amirite?

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I love that there resess. I hate it when I mess up my sess the first time and have to resess. What a pain in the ess.

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resess? is that like recess?

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@Shadi I miss that show!

(Chauncy Pickles): it was great!

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the reason they are better is because the surface area to volume ratio is smaller. this means they have more peanut butter than chocolate.

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I think the shaped ones all taste worse than the regular ones.

Oh my goodness. I want those soo bad right now. I think they taste better because they have the smooth edges. Too bad I'm out of those from Easter. I'd so get on right now.

I like them, but I think there's just a little too much peanut butter compared to chocolate. Also, they're greasy. Well...it might not be grease, but they're messy.

Sorry. Lazy kid and a word that has confused him since his birth.

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