If you live in the United States, you probably haven't realized the fact that you are standing sideways on the globe. amirite?

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No, the universe has not up and down. We just decided what was up and what was down.

I'm too big to stand on a globe

The earth is a sphere, there is no up and down. And because of gravity, we're all pulled towards the orb's centre, thereby cancelling out directions like up, down, or sideways.

Thank God for Europe, We're standing in the middle of the map, least likely to fall off.

Well australians are upside down :P beat that

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Jeez, people, they didn't mean the literal Earth but the concept of that ball on a tilted stick and us being little people sticking out of it at every angle.

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It's completely true! I find going south a lot easier because it's always downhill, unless you're north of the Himalayas, because that's high and it evens the downhill out.

Yeah seriously why did you say America. Like polar Bear said everyone is sideways.

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What is up and down? Their isn't such a thing in the universe. On Earth, we are all pulled towards the center. That is our up and down.

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