You heard the noise and your facial expression immediately changed to 8-/ amirite?

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I didn't hear anything and I'm not on mobile.

I didn't hear it :(

Heard it. It scared the shit out of me at first, then my 19 year old brother came in and went "Jen...What kind of fetish do YOU have?!" Funniest thing on EARTH.

What noise?

@TheLillyPond What noise?

It went away.

Wow, now I feel like I'm involved with some exclusive and super cool Amirite inside joke. >:-)

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You people are lucky... I wish I heard it...

Can someone upload it? D:
I didn't hear it.

Just as I was about to google "the noise" because of all the posts about it...I think I heard it 0.o WHAT IS IT?!

yea i dont hear anything either and my volume is all the way up

I heard it. Made the face. Looked through all of my tabs to see if I had a video up. Closed some. Lowered the volume (my mom was in the next room and it sounded like a cat fapping off). Finally found out if was coming from amirite.

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