Let's break down the word "Boob" shall we? "B" = the cleavage, "oo" = the full-on, "b" = the side boob. amirite?

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Not to be a party pooper but there was one just like this that was homepaged like literally a few days ago.

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@1102333 (Cassowary): Is it a repost? The date on this one is December 11th, when was the other one made, I'm sure I saw it in the recent (past 7 days) List when it was made.

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Like, I'll bet most of these jokes were just somewhere else, either another website or a comedian or a friend.

Like, if they more or less acknowledge a source, I wouldn't complain, because this site is usually where I see jokes first, that's why reposts are annoying.

I will never look at the word "boob" the same way again -_- haha

I've thought of this for years because I love boobs.

this was also on graphjam...im just saying

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I've seen this so many times around the internet lately.. it's not like this is some new phenomenon

how is B the cleavage?

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@how is B the cleavage?

Look at it from the top.

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@how is B the cleavage?

It's the overview

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