You have had a really busy day today converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, amirite?

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I can't stop! I think I'm addicted.

Bossmans avatar Bossman Yeah You Are +19Reply

I think I'm gonna do it again tomorrow

thirtythrees avatar thirtythree Yeah You Are +16Reply

Whoever NWd this must be a robot...

SpelingChampiens avatar SpelingChampien Yeah You Are +11Reply

And then circulating that oxygen throughout my bloodstream? HARD WORK!

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +9Reply

I had to pay to get my oxygen converted. >:(

This is so weird; I just finished a paper on cellular respiration.

Yeah, I know right?! It's like in, out, in, out, in, out!
It's exhausting!

Yeah. It was so hard, I had to take a break for about an hour.

Saw this when I was still on MLIA, aaaages ago.

Anonymous +3Reply

Nice job stealing from Tumblr.
Real good post...its the next POTD!!!

Anonymous +2Reply

That is not what happens...

Anonymous -1Reply

fuck you op. science nerd ass cock.

Anonymous +5Reply

But isn't carbon dioxide the thing that lights people on fire?

Anonymous -8Reply

That's not what you do... You don't convert it; you simply breathe in some oxygen, which goes into your lungs, and then breathe out carbon dioxide from your system.

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