Honestly, why don't fat people just exercise? Exercise is proven to produce endorphins which make you happy. So get off your ass and get happy! amirite?

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Exercise makes me miserable... like I can always count on being in a really pissy mood after most physical activity. The only exception is hockey 'cause I get to fight people so it sort of cancels itself out.

Food releases more endorphine-like substances for them.

cause theyre fat

Unless you have some sort of medical condition or medicine that causes weight gain, there is no excuse for obesity. Well maybe emotional trauma... But honestly, would you rather be fit and healthy with some sweat on your face, or fat and unhealthy but sweat free?

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I personally don't like exercising. I just don't like the feeling of being out of breath, or sweating. God, I hate sweating.

Being lazy and unproductive makes them happier.

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inb4 "Mi grate uncle dave has a rare thyroid dizeez that makes him ovaweight and also he has no legz to exercise so dont talk about fat people!!1"

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