On the Christmas episode of iCarly, Spencer and Mrs. Benson are getting married. That would make Freddie and Carly step brother and sister, but since Spencer is Carly's brother, would that make him Freddie's step dad AND step brother? amirite?

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NO it would make Spencer Freddie's stepdad, and Carly his aunt. Carly's not Spencer's kid....

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My mind went blank for like a minute untill I read the comments.

Why the fuck are they getting married, and why do I care enough to type this?

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what kind of sick game is nickolodeon playing these days?

wait what exactly would carly be because while she is spencer's sister,he is her guardian or does being guardian not really change anything

most thought-provoking post i think i have ever seen. thank god for the explanatory comments, my mind was blown. completely and utterly blank. how weird is that?

Why the hell are they getting married is the question you really should be asking.

too confusing. screw that!

That's dysfunctional.

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And if they had kids it would be both Spencer's niece or nephew and step-grandchildren

That is one messed up family

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What do you call your sister in law's son?

Ya I totally agree with Carly being Freddie's aunt

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That wouldn't make Carly Freddie's step sister, you dumbass.

Spencer would be Freddie's step father, but Carly would be his sister and law because Spencer and Carly are brother and sister.

so Carly would be Freddie's Aunt, but because Carly and Freddie like each other, if they were to get married then his wife would be his aunt...which is really weird

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Mind. Blown.

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