You sometimes wonder how Heather Morris (Brittany) can keep such a straight face while saying some things on Glee, amirite?

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Brittany S. Pierce... Britney S'pearce

Glitterys avatar Glittery Yeah You Are +14Reply

I think it's actually easier to say something completely absurd like "Dolphins are just gay sharks." than to hear it. I would never be able to play anyone else on the show because I would just burst out laughing at her.

EstoniaObsesseds avatar EstoniaObsessed Yeah You Are +13Reply

i think my cat's boyfriend is in a gang.

Kk15s avatar Kk15 Yeah You Are +12Reply

Multiple takes?

Between Brittany and Quinn:

Q: Give me my test back!
B: I just don't understand anything...
Q:That's not my problem.

It's Britney... bitch.

I think my cat reads my diary.

Merediths avatar Meredith Yeah You Are +3Reply


It helps to think about something really serious when you're saying them. Multiple takes work, too.

SpelingChampiens avatar SpelingChampien Yeah You Are +1Reply

Because she's a perfect goddess. That's how!

I'm friends with the real Heather Morris on facebook...no biggie ;)

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