Cum stains are hard to clean off the keyboard, amirite?

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That's hot

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fuckin lol'd. Anonymous FTW

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You should get one of those plastic slip covers for your keyboard so u can cum all u want to that random porn u beat off to and its just a simple wipedown

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Not when you've had to do it as much as I have ;)

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Gay, hardcore, or amateur?

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You are crazy! I do not wanna know how you know that you sick freak! Unless you have sex on a keyboard which would be uncomfortable..choose a bed next time

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hmm, first off i got some in my spaebar a month ago still working.. this is because when sperm is in a place where air can get in it will eventually evaporate.. although.. i read that online.. anyways most things will evaporate over time if exposed to air, so yea.. as long as u didnt get like 12 oz. on ur pc keyboard or anyware that is vulnerable just leave it.... itll go away eventually...

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