PETA, I love what you're doing, its great what you stand for, but you really need to chill out a notch. I don't think my dog cares about the stuffing of his bed, or if I wash my hands before feeding him, amirite?

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According to PETA, what are we even allowed to do anymore? Eating lettuce is probably stealing from the turtles now or something

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They dressed up in KKK outfits to protest a dog show...

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@SchrodingersCat They dressed up in KKK outfits to protest a dog show...

Ha! That is over the top but I'd hate to be those poodles they shave for dog shows or being a dog stuck sitting still.


I saw that whole Obama thing. I laughed so hard.
They sent him a humane fly trap, so he can capture a fly and release it outdoors.

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dude, why are there advertisements on both of your comments so far? its kind of annoying.

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PETA is filled with hypocrites and lies.
They want the TOTAL liberation of animals, for one. Which means NO pets. Animals roam free and if they kill someone, they can't be reprimanded.
PETA is a joke.

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Haha, wow. It's their nature though. :3 What do they think the big, sharp teeth are for?

Oooh, I hope they don't catch me, I have a service dog that I've ENSLAVED! EVERY DAY I FORCE HIM TO WORK FOR ME!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!

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i'm totally for animal rights and all but PETA is little too extreme at times.

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I'm a vegetarian and I hate PETA.

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What are they doing, other than being overkill?

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Chill out, JUST A KNOTCH? Ahaha, yeah, I don't think you really new what PETA is doing.

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Maybe they, like me, disagree with the whole "PETA, I love what you're doing," too.
I disagree with what they're doing. Yeah, animals should definitely be treated nicely, but PETA is filled with loony people.

PETA kills animals, and is a load of bull.

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For the second part I was meaning to say they were hypocrites. I don't know why I didn't write that though...

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http://www.petakillsanimals.com/ "Since 1998, PETA has opted to “put down” 23,640 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them."

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Some PETA people are good and some are over the top. But A dog probably would be happier sleeping out in the woods eating squirrels so I don't think they should worry about that.

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I have a husky akita mix and malamute great dane mix so when I think of dogs I think of DOGS. Not rats with fur. So I guess my standard for dogs is a bit different. And I already knew what Canis Lupis and Canis Domesticus meant. I don't go to wolf centers for nothing.

Actually this post's arguments are not too good because well... I do wash my hands when preparing food for my dog because I don't want him to consume germs and shit like that BUT I totally agree. PETA is filled with horrible people with no logic whatsoever.

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