Back then, girl's probably laid there heads down on the ironing board to straighten their hair xD, amirite?

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Actually, they did.
My mom keeps telling me about how my aunt would do that.

I have done that and I'm seventeen :)

xDD hahah desperate times call for desperate measures =]

hahaha xD thats so awesome.

They did.
I feel sorry for them though..

haa I've done that... With a sheet of baking paper between the iron and my hair for at least a little protection ;)

I don't own a flat iron, so whenever I want my hair pin straight (which is very rarely), I use the iron and some wax paper. Does a good job and stays longer then when my friends straighten their hair with their flat irons. :)

I was straightning my hair yesterday and my mom told me that she used a pillow case (to put over her hair) and a flat iron.

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