There isn't really any situation where a gun makes things easier and better, amirite?

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Having a gun makes it easier to hit a target with a bullet.

I can throw bullets really really hard.

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When a policeman threatens to use his gun to force a criminal to surrender, it makes things easier and better.

@Iwannafingeryou But does it make things better and easier for the criminal?

2 things. First, you didn't specify easier and better for everyone involved. Second, depending on the severity of the crime, being apprehended and sent to rehab could lead to an easier and all around better life for the criminal.

When you want to kill someone.

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About two months ago, my uncle's house was broken into. They didn't take anything or harm anyone, except one thing: my uncle's life.
One bullet in the head, and he didn't have anything to defend himself.

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... except one thing.

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I didn't see the "except one thing" part

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What if I'm about to get Fifth Prestige?

Hunting animals.

What about when you rob a bank?

Hunting. Also owning a gun.

Sadomasochism masturbation.

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Unless you're black too..

When Bears Attack!

It makes it easier to show your friends how cool your new gun is

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