It's unfair that girls have to wear something on their chests at the beach when us guys don't have to. They should stop wearing bikini tops as a sign of protest, amirite, amirite?

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Although I am a straight girl, I must yya this for sheer brilliance.

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There are some chests on girls that nobody wants to see. Except their uncle.

WAIT... us guys ARE'NT supposed to wear bikinis? ... dammit, well at least we can wear a thong. Phew.

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I had a friend who went to visit a tribe in Africa. He said it was really hard for him to concentrate because none of the women wore tops.

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Actually it's just like weed, if it's legal then people wouldn't care about it anymore.

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I'm sexually attracted to DANGER... and weed!


exactly why we want you to take em off!

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in canada girls are allowed to go topless in public places aslong as there isn't a shirt rule. although i have never seen a girl actually walking around topless as of yet....

Ulterior motives FTW!

It's actually legal in my city to only have your genitals covered in public (that's the minimum), and there's a topless Tuesday at a local, pretty famous, pool. So lots of topless women walking around, which is rather uncomfortable. We also have a nude beach just on the outskirts of town.

The downside to this is that there's a famous transvestite who rides around downtown on a bike in just a thong. Thank goodness he's actually started wearing miniskirts the past few times I've seen him.

eye c wut u ded thare

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