While you were busy playing CoD I was busy tactically inserting inside your girlfriend. amirite?

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While you were doing that with my girlfriend, I was using Extreme Conditioning on your sister. Her Sleight of Hand had me Sonic Boom all over her face with Steady Aim. But I had no Stopping Power. I had to Double Tap that ass. We were on her Last Stand and all of a sudden our Dead Silence ran out and your mother walked in. She was Eavesdropping the whole time, and now she wanted in.

Bretts avatar Brett Yeah You Are +26Reply

Did you use deep impact?

cubsfan012512s avatar cubsfan012512 Yeah You Are +14Reply

While you were busy using the word "inserting" incorrectly, I was planting at your mother's bombsite. Oh, and there's no defusing that one. ;)

Girls: while you were busy hating on your boyfriend for playing CoD, I was busy talking shit on there with him =]

hahah thats funny :)

Titts_McGees avatar Titts_McGee Yeah You Are -1Reply

haha that would be funny but i play CoD and my boyfriend doesn't, hehe:) go girls

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