People who have never seen snow don't know how lucky they really are. amirite?

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Surely you are on CRACK?

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Surely you mean people who HAVE seen snow?

Obviously most people on here don't live in minnesota...

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@Magestic_merman Obviously most people on here don't live in minnesota...

hahah, that's exactly what i was going to comment. the snow we got in the past few weeks was just insane.

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Snow is beautiful if you have no intentions of leaving the house for about three or four months.

People who have never driven in snow don't know how lucky they are.

This is irrelevant but the guy on your display picture looks like Shia Lebeouf.

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snow gets on my nerves, but its beautiful and we are lucky we have snow....it keeps children away from me.

No, we aren't lucky at all. I have never seen snow, not once, and every winter I pray that it will, and it never does. I want to see that whiteness, all over the ground. I just want to see it in person. Then my life will be complete.

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You people want snow? Move to effing North Dakota and you can HAVE all our snow. Just wait til the first time you try and drive on it and your wheels have no traction and your brakes don't work-- it's SCARY. It takes you half an hour to dig out your car and even then you can't get out onto the streets because it takes the stupid snow plowers a few days to realize there's three more feet of snow. And don't even think about traveling when it's snowing out because the interstate will be closed after a few major car pileups. And then every spring when all our glorious snow melts we get even more glorious flooding because there's nowhere for it all to go and our sewer systems get backed up. That is what it is like to have snow. ;)

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