Admit it, at least one of the reasons we don't eat animals like dogs and cats is because they're cute. Pigs are just as smart as dogs yet we think nothing about slaughtering millions, and we put our pets on pedestals, amirite?

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Pigs are adorable! I've just never had them as a pet so I'm fine with eating them.

That's pretty much the only reason we don't eat them.

Exactly why I stopped eating pigs and cows when I was 11. Giving up all other meat came after when I thought, "Well, if I'm not going to eat the CUTE animals, I may as well not eat ANY animals..."

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we-ell, to be technical and religious, people were only supposed to eat things with hoofs split into two. That was the general agreement. Apart from pigs (for Jews and Muslims, because their flesh was thought to be unclean). I suppose people just got accustomed to eating those particular animals. Except in China, I guess, where the eat everything ... and Haiti, where they eat cats (lolstereotypes).

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I don't eat pig.... Except occasionally s piece of bacon if I'm really hungry. I'm getting a Pennywell miniature pig.

I think pigs are cute too! And they are smarter than most 3-year-old children.

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Ok. I admit it. Now what?

@ilostmyshoe Ok. I admit it. Now what?

I just made the post to point out humans and our weird morals; and now you are aware of them too

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My friend has a pet pig called Gabriel.. It's MASSIVE. But still cute.

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