Girls: when you tell a female teacher great news, she hugs you. When you tell a male teacher the same news, he gets scared to shake your hand because thinks you will report him for sexual harassment. amirite?

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I've never went to a teacher to tell them good news. And if I did, I don't think they would hug me, despite their gender.

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Me 'I'm a pebble'
Teacher 'yes, you look like one'
Me 'Is that a compliment?'
Teacher ' Well i spose pebbles are cute'
Me 'Sir i dont think you should be calling me cute, its kinda pervy'
:L or simple stuff like that ;)

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Only girls would do that

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I think that its sad now that teachers can't act human with their students....

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Naaah, I guess it's the relationship, but if I'm telling my favourite teacher good news we hug

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That's only because alot of girls would do that...

Yeah, I can hug my girl basketball coach whenever I see her in the off-season, but if I hugged my guy basketball coach, it would be really weird. But he is an awkward man to start with.

There was a study about this kind of stuff. Part of the reason why there are so few male kindergarten/early years teachers is that parents are much more likely to charge a man for molestation than a woman for normal things like a hug that go misinterpreted.

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You're right. I see your point. The rules are different for guys and girls.

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