Isn't it annoying when you go to ask something like "Can I go to the bathroom" and the reply you get is "I don't know, can you?" amirite?

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thats when you reply "idk can you help me?"

or "i CAN go right here, but i would prefer to do so in the bathroom."

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Can I finger you?

That's when you just walk out and go to the toilet.

@Fanomanom That's when you just walk out and go to the toilet.

Which would most likely result in a lunch detention at our school....

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My drama teacher always says that when we ask, and he always laughs hysterically while we just look at him, thinking, "Grow up." But it's still funny.

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Isn't annoying when people don't learn proper grammar and then bitch about it?

@Rainbow35 The grammar seems fine to me...

"can i" is asking if they are able to.
"May i" is asking if they are allowed to.

Kids in my class say that all the time. When the teacher says "I don't know, can you?" One kid says "We'll find out!" the teacher replies, "No, WE, won't!"

My friend said that the proper response to this is

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I don't know, is it?

One time the teacher asked me that and then he was like "Better hurry before you have an accident in the classroom!" it was SO embarrassing, haha

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