So I have this great idea, "fireman popcorn pants". There pants that fireman wear that have a thin layer of popcorn kernels in them. When the person wearing them gets too close to a heat source, the popcorn pops, alerting them to the potential hazard. This would also provide them with a tasty treat after a hard days work, amirite?

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Amanda Show.

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It was a Drake and Josh episode.

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Oh this is totes your idea... NOT! Get an original idea pl0x

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read this on failbook.com a couple days ago.... not sure if thats where it came from first though!

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Wait, where have I read this before?

This was on highdeas

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i've read this before...but where?

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I thought "The Amanda Show!" instantly, but then I thought maybe it was "All That" instead. One or the other, either way it brought back a TON of memories xD

The first thing I thought of was the Amanda show.. :D

I dont watch the amanda show so i have no idea what you mean but that is a good idea do the pants come with different flavorings?

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I have no clue what tge Amanda show is sorry

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