After watching Inception, some people killed themselves because that thought that their real life was a dream. This is sad, amirite?

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Natural selection at its finest.

@Artemis Natural selection at its finest.

@901092 (ArtisticBroccoli): Lol'd more at this than the actual post. ._.

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@Sinner @901092 (ArtisticBroccoli): Lol'd more at this than the actual post. ._.

Lol'd more at your comment than hers, the post isn't supposed to be funny...

Link or it didn't happen.

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Didn't the learn from Mal's mistake???

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I honestly don't believe that.

Not sad. Those people were stupid people, we don't need them then.

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@Unoriginal You have such an emo name. Irony much? :P

I'm tired right now! I was awake until 6am, I got like 7 hours or something and I like having 9-10. Leave me alone!

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I heard people contemplating suicide after Avatar, but not Inception. They could've just spun a top or something if they weren't sure if they were in a dream.

I made the mistake of watching this movie in theaters while I was pretty tired. I was tripping pretty bad when I came out of the theater and drove home.

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Actually there's a psychological disorder called maladaptive daydreaming where you think life is a dream. People commit suicide because they have that disorder all the time.

If they really did commit suicide for that reason, they probably would have committed suicide anyway without watching the movie.

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..that's depressing. But they might have been idiots. Where did you hear that?

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if you guys want a link that bad, why dont you just google it?

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I want to see it! Everyone keeps talking about it!

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That is such bullshit

Heh heh I got high with some friends and then we watched that movie....... it was awesome!

not buyin it till you give me a link

Could not find any links.

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