It would really suck, if when your friend said she got you a 'blind date', the man/woman was actually blind, amirite?

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come on, guys, that's really mean

Icels avatar Icel No Way +10Reply

Being blind doesn't mean you shouldn't date them. You could meet the perfect guy and he could be blind.

Anonymous +8Reply

why would that suck?

I am quite insulted.

One of the few amirite posts I hate. :( Who cares if they're blind?! What does that say about the guy/girl's personality? Are you saying a relationship depends on perfect vision? -_-

At least you wouldn't have to worry what you looked like, amirite?

SkinnyLoves avatar SkinnyLove Yeah You Are +2Reply

So you could agree with me, duuuuuuuuuuuh.

SkinnyLoves avatar SkinnyLove Yeah You Are 0Reply

i see a blonde joke coming?

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