Every great city is built around a river or on the beach, amirite?

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Its because water gives a lot of things like food, bathing, easy trade. This isn't a discovery lol. I learned that in 7th grade.

Cleveland's by a lake. Woop-woop.

@GabbyGirlie815 Cleveland's by a lake. Woop-woop.

Clevelands the greatest city of them all!

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Not Johannesburg. It's the only capital city that isn't built on water, so you should change that to "most".

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Baltimores built by the chesapeake bay.

NYC is an island so this makes sense. Also, starting from Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, this trend has pretty much remained true. It's not a coincidence, rather civilization follows water.

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or a railroad track...duh

Pittsburgh is. Hell hyeah

Because of the economic boost from easy transport of items, making the coast an ideal place for large cities. And Cleveland is the best. Love me some Kid Cudi.

Las Vegas

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