If you were fat, you would have fun with it by being the stereotypical fat person. You would always be out of breath, break into frequent sweats and always ask for food like a doughnut or a Pepsi. amirite?

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wow haha people are acting like being fat is the worst possible thing in the world..

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i would also make beeping noises when i backed up :DD

I was fat once. Never again. I felt that all the fat was suffocating my body, does that make sense? Anyway, that was when I was in the 6th grade. Thankfully, I'm normal weight now.

If I were fat, I'd make it so I'm not fat, or kill myself.

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I'm pretty sure you'd spend your time trying to not be fat rather than reinforcing your fatness....

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I'm 100 lbs. and I do the last one constantly.

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@I'm 100 lbs. and I do the last one constantly.

Nice. many people would kill to be able to eat a ton and gain hardly anything. I'm kinda like that too.

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i think this varies with guys and girls.. but i would definitely play the part of a chubby kid with pride.

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