It's a weird feeling when you can't remember if something happened in a dream or in real life, amirite?

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I have this memory, and I'm not sure if it was a dream or not. Anyway, there is this closet in the basement in my house, which is an old one, so there's a spooky factor. This is always locked. When I ask my parents about it, they say it's just a storage closet that they lost the key too. However, the memory/dream is of me walking into the basement late at night when I was a really little kid, seeing a light on, and realizing there's a concrete stairway leading down. I'm 80% sure it was a dream, but it could be a secret bomb shelter or something... You never know...

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Happens all the time. I had a dream that I got some juice for my lunch the night before. I spent like 20 minutes looking for that juice in the morning.. -_-

One time I had a dream I handed my teacher something in and he passed me in the hall and he said I still needed to hand it in....I was like whaaat? And then I awkwardly told him I much have dreamt it....

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ESPECIALLY, especially especially if you dream that you've gotten together with your crush and are now an item. If you forget whether THAT was a dream, expect severe awkwardness!!

A lot of times I'll start telling a story and I'll be like.. "One time, ...... Oh wait, nevermind.. pretty sure that was a dream."

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For me, when it comes to small and unimportant things, i can never remember if they are dreams or not. like if my friend randomly told me she had pie for breakfast one time in a conversation in which i was thinking about a bunch of other things so i was only half paying attention, and then days pass, and the thought crosses my mind. and i cant remember if i dreamed she had pie for breakfast or if she really did. so then i ask her if she told me that. and if the answer is no... it gets really awkward really fast.

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Did that lime green unicorn really come to me in the middle of a thunderstorm on a bridge and tell me to fulfill the prophecy by gambling or was it a dream? Nah, I think it really happened.

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