If subjects were colors, math would definitely be red, amirite?

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I'm eating chips.

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They're doritos.

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In trivial pursuit history is yellow and science is green. I quite agree with this.

ThatOneNuts avatar ThatOneNut Yeah You Are +1Reply

I think Math would be a light blue.

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I always thought math was more of a blue. But maybe that's only because my math folder has ALWAYS been blue since elementary school.

Social Studies-yellow

You know what's funny? I get different colored notebooks at the start of each school year and I recently realized that I use the same color notebooks for the same subject each year.

AccioHorcruxs avatar AccioHorcrux Yeah You Are +4Reply

I think I picked the color notebook to match the subject saw fit, math is so red...science is green, english is yellow, history is blue

glorybee91s avatar glorybee91 Yeah You Are +3Reply

math is black and white

Science seems more green to me.

Well, I think music would be purple or gold.

ErialcYecatss avatar ErialcYecats Yeah You Are +3Reply

I also put days of the week into colors.


Is that weird??

NO! Math is blue, Science is green, Language Arts is yellow, Social Studies is Orange, and language classes are red! >:(

@ClaireTheBozo NO! Math is blue, Science is green, Language Arts is yellow, Social Studies is Orange, and language classes are red! >:(

I agree!!
Language arts=yellow

Idk about everyone else, but I put grades into colors too.

4th=light blue
8th=dark blue

Is that weird??

@Anonymously_Awesome I agree!! Math=blue Language arts=yellow Science=green History=orange Spanish=red Idk about everyone else...

my grades are like this:
1st - red
2nd - yellow
3rd - orange
4th - dark blue
5th - undecided
6th - dark red
7th - green
8th - dark purple

I love how everyone disagrees on this.

I think History is yellow, Science is green, and I can't decide what English or Math should be.

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I think of all languages as purple.

Maths is red or purple.
English is blue
History is blue or black.
Spanish is pink or orange.
Irish is green (obviously).
Physics is purple.
Biology is red.
Chemistry is green.
RE is yellow.

That's how my folders were every year.

Alices avatar Alice Yeah You Are +2Reply

Math seems blue, english is orange, and most languages are red.

Well, I don't care.


boxybaritones avatar boxybaritone Yeah You Are +1Reply

i thought i was the only one that always associated red with math. and then science is green, language arts is yellow, and history is blue

Anonymous +1Reply

I think majority can agree science is green. orange,light caramel brown, wheat yellow,darkish purple... lol

glorybee91s avatar glorybee91 Yeah You Are +1Reply

i've always thought of math to be blue, science to be green, english to be red, and history to be orange or yellow.

Anonymous +1Reply

math=blue english=yellow history=orange foreign language=red science=green

Math is more of a blue-green kinda thing, english is purple, social studies is red, and science is black.

haha i thought i was the only one who put subjects into colors, but math is defiantly blue

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I use red for math
Purple for science
Green for Spanish
Blue for English
Pink for history

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are 0Reply

Math is dark blue
English is green
Any social studies class is orange or yellow
science is red

Anonymous 0Reply

Math = blue.
Science = green.
English/Language Arts = yellow.
History = brown.

There is mine. :)

Anonymous 0Reply

Math= Reddish purple
English= Blueish purple
Science= Orangey yellow
History= Dark reddish orange
Geography= Dark greenish blue
French= Red
PE= Blue

...And, I forget what other subjects there are. :)

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I've never honestly thought about it

Latin for me was always red. But I don't have colors for other classes...

Math would be blue, science would be green, social studies of any Lind is red, and English is purple

i think math is green, but that's just what I think.

Anonymous 0Reply

Math: Light blue or white
Science: Green or yellow
French or Spanish: Dark red or navy blue
Social Studies: Red
L.A.: Orange or yellow
P.E.: Brown or light brown or beige

Monday: Light blue
Tuesday: Pink
Wednesday: Dark blue
Thursday: Purple Friday: Red
Saturday: Orange or brown
Sunday: Yellow

You guys are really dumb, forreal.

AntoineDodsons avatar AntoineDodson Yeah You Are 0Reply

All my life math has been yellow, english was red, history or social studies was blue, science was green. :)

Math- blue, English- red, History-orange or yellow, Science- green, Foreign language- purple

I was just going to comment and say that I didn't see math as red...and then I just remembered that this year I got a red notebook and folder for math. Whoops.
So going by my organizing:
Language - pink
English - blue
Social Studies - green
Science - it's light blue this year, but last year it was orange, and I kind of like that better...

English - white
Afrikaans - orange
Biology - blue
Physics - green
History - purple
Math - orange.

maths is green!

Anonymous 0Reply

history=def yellow.

Anonymous 0Reply

From where I see it, language arts is red, math is blue, science is lime green, social studies is dark green.

Curts avatar Curt No Way 0Reply

Science - green

history/social studies - brown

math - black

ELA - yellow/blue

Anonymous 0Reply

Math is definitely blue.
Science is yellow.
Language class is red.
English is black.
Physics is magenta.
History is aqua.
Life classes are white.
It just makes sense, people.
I made this account just to clarify that math is blue.

No, math is blue, Science is green, English is red, Social studies/history is yellow, languages are purple

Alis avatar Ali No Way 0Reply

Same.. math is always blue.

Alis avatar Ali No Way 0Reply

I think math is green, science is blue, english is yellow, and spanish is red :)

no, math is white, science is blue, language arts is red, english is green, social studies is purple, and electives are yellow

Math and Science are green.

English=light blue

Anonymous -1Reply

Science is green, english is yellow, math is blue, and history is red or purple

Anonymous -1Reply

Math = brown black
Biology = red
Psychology = light caramel brown
English = light grey blue
Literature = wheat yellow

Also guys, if you see colours in letters or words (or associate them with the same certain colours all the time) you probably have synesthesia. I do.

Anonymous -1Reply

Math is light blue, Portuguese is dark blue, History is yellow, I can't decide whether Geography or Science are green, and English is red. c:
I'm Brazilian btw, so take 'portuguese' as english and 'english' as foreign language if you're a native english speaker.

Anonymous -1Reply

math- green
social studies- yellow
science - purple

math is always green.

enders avatar ender No Way -3Reply

id say math was dark blue, science light blue

Wouldn't Math be blue, Science be green, English be red, and history be purple?

anelles avatar anelle No Way -3Reply

Math is grey

freddos avatar freddo No Way -3Reply

And science would be blue.

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