There are three types of music- 1) people singing about being in love 2)people singing about how they got their hearts broken 3) people singing about making love, amirite?

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That's just the three types of pop music

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@*Poop music

(Ba dum tsch): That made me lol for some reason XD

What about political/social songs, more arty ones, song about other events and emotions besides love?

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You forgot about the crazy songs about cannibals and stabbing your lover to death.

I think you're forgetting Christmas songs... just sayin.

People also sing about life. And drugs. And alchohol. And getting shot at. Mainly those last three together. We have alot of those....:/

What about whip my hair?

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It's literally insane that this is in the positive O.O I am agog.

This post is nowhere even in the ballpark of right.

What about those fantasy songs, like the song Fireflies.

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