Victoria Justice is a way better role model for girls then Miley Cyrus in so many ways. amirite?

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My question has always been what kind of kid takes their role models from Nickelodeon sitcoms?

There are at least a hundred people who are better role models for girls than Miley Cyrus.

She's just a small-time actress. Why do they all have to be role models?

Also, who cares about Cyrus anymore?

Until Victoria (God-forbid) has her own break-down.

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I only liked Victoria Justice on Zoey101. Her new show is.. um, just bad.

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I hate them both [Victoria's characters always bother me], but you're right.

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I hate when people do this, they have nothing to do with each other!

not that its not true.. it just bothers me.

They're BOTH annoying as hell in my opinion.

Oh my god this is so annoying. I have never actually heard a little girl say "Miley Cyrus is my role model!" They just like the show Hannah Montana. Plus, Victoria justice is annoying as hell.

Who's Victoria Justice?
I just agreed because anyone's better than Miley

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They're both just as annoying. And to whoever said no kids look up to them, when I was younger me and all my friends idolized miley cyrus.

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and a lot hotter as well

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and she's hot.

..Almost every tv star is to skinny. Thats hollywood.
And define famous enough.
Really, she has her own show, shes been in other shows, shes an AMAZING singer,
All im saying everyone- If i had kids, they would not be idolizing Hannah or Miley.

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@wookale Almost every tv star is to skinny. Thats hollywood. And define famous enough. Really, she has her own show...

Who says you'll get to decide who your kids will idolise? You sound like you'd be one of those controlling parents that go around trying to ban every fucking thing they don't agree with

Or I would just raise them better then that...
I mean, that sounds like a good plan too.

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I'm not saying kids say that miley or victoria is their role models, I'm saying they set better examples. You can agree in your own personal ways that's fine. This site was created for opinions, & my opinion is that between the two of them, children have a better role model with Victoria. She made it big on her own-no help from daddy, she isn't wearing clothes like Miley, she doesn't drink or smoke-as far as the media knows-
That's my own opinion,

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yea okay we get it, Miley smoked salvia from a bonf and gave a lap dance and posted inappropriate pics of herself, but she's 18 now. little kids shouldnt look up to her anymore anyways. she's a new person, no more hannah. and Victoria justice isn't famous enough for her to be kids role models. AND not with her body type, kids might think that's how ur supposed to look. shes too damn skinny.

I think Taylor Swift is the best rolemodel.

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