I figured out why men can have sex and women cannot or they look like sluts. A man tries so hard to get laid, and so when he does, he's looked upon as an accomplished person. A woman can get laid quite easily, therefore is looked upon as a slut when she does. This is the way society has been taught to live, amirite?

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If a key opens a lot of locks, it is a master key, if a lock is opened by a lot of keys it is a shitty lock.

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why cant we all just have sex with whoever we want and no one cares? :D

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this post is true, a girl thats not like 800 pounds or a ogreface could go up to any guy and say wanna fuck? and u think theyll say no?(unless gf or something,well cheaters wont say no) a guy goes up to a girl, wanna fuck? GET AWAY FROMM ME CREEPER, RAPE RAPE I NEED AN ADULT

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Lawl, I like this idea. The world would be so much better if guys could get laid easily.

RiddlesAreHards avatar RiddlesAreHard Yeah You Are +3Reply

I've seen this before, but it's still funny :P

Abbless avatar Abbles Yeah You Are +2Reply

That is so jank!

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@That is so jank!

speak english , wtf is jank

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@speak english , wtf is jank

jank = meaningless, stupid, useless, etc.

But the d00d who said it was "jank" is a fagbot.
This post makes so much sense

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You're quite observant, congrats!

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yeah its cuz guys are like 10 times worse at controlling themselves when they're horny

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My good man, you are amazing. I cant wait to see what kinds of comments butthurt girls are gonna leave on this post.

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Really true, but you didn't "figure this out" yourself.

@2Infinity Really true, but you didn't "figure this out" yourself.

agreed. i've read this recently somewhere... but i can't for the life of me remember where. but regardless, definitely not an original thought.

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