You've always wanted to know if cat food really does taste as good as it smells. amirite?

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Since when did cat food did ever smell good?

It doesnt :(

@Laughing_spork It doesnt :(

lmao You're fantastic!

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@daveydoo lmao You're fantastic!

when i was 7 i wanted to know what my pets' food/ treats taste like. So if youre starving and have nothing to eat but dog and cat food/treats start with milkbone and save the cat food for last when youre about to die.

Like crap? Yeah it does.

Am I the only one who is seeing the white font for all the comments? I CANT READ FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU

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It smells terrible...

It smells awful

the most important meal of the day, serving it up . . . Gary's way! BLEH!

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