When you spend the night at a friend's house, you don't brush your teeth, amirite?

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Well, the likelihood that I'll forget or just crash before I get to brushing them increases.

I don't intentionally neglect brushing them, but most time I forget to even bring my tooth brush

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How can you go to sleep without your teeth brushed. ._.

I don't at night but I do most of the time when I wake up.

I usually smear toothpaste on my finger and swipe if over my teeth a couple times at mates' houses.

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I can't sleep unless I brush my teeth. It's gross.

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i only do this with my best friends, cause nobody really cares when youre with your best friends. but if its someone youre not very close with, you feel like you need too or its awkk. lol

I usually forget when I'm at a friends house because we usually just fall asleep at random moments. But I do brush my teeth in the morning.

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