Bathroom stall writing shouldn't even exist; who brings a pen with them when they're peeing? amirite?

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I've never written on a stall before but I usually have my purse with me which has a pen in it

It's usually really amusing to read though.

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Girls usually bring their purses to the bathroom with them, and you may just have a pen in your purse. I'm sure some guys keep pens in their pockets, too. It's not that strange.

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Hey...what else am I gonna do while I'm pissing?

I keep a mini sharpie as a keychain.

i always have pens and sharpies in my purse but guys idk..

People who have handbags with them?

Sometimes at school I have my book bag with me and I'm not going to leave it outside of restroom.

At school, you bring your backpack with you and everyone is going to have something to write with. But I don't carry around a pen in my purse so idk about public bathrooms. Especially for guys.

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I purposely bring pens in and write shit.

I'd really like to see the look on someone's face when they go into a stall close the door, pull their pants down, look up and see half of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" scribbled onto the bathroom door.

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