Why is Zoe pronounced Zoey? Joe isn't pronounced like Joey, amirite?

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Isn't it meant to have 2 dots on the e to show that?

Haha, when I was little I thought Zoe was pronounced like Zo.

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It's Zoë in other languages...

I still read it that way in my head. I just can't see it and think Zoey.

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Sometimes they do, but I know girls named Zoe, no dots.

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Yeah I think it's supposed I be Zoë.

Its need the trema to be correct (the 2 dots; ë) they signify that each vowels gets a separate sound like in noël (christmas)

I've never heard of a Cloey, either. Or Chloey, for that matter.

One girl in my school puts 2 dots over the e in "Zoe" so it's Zoey.
I always read "Zoe" as "zoh".
And now that I think about it, that's a pretty weird-looking name.

In america we don't use the dots.

because guys are so much better than women

now get back to the kitchen and stop worrying about matters too complex for your tiny female brains

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My name is Zoe...pronounced Zoeeeee :) It's not a short form of Zoey and I don't use 2 dots...it's just Zoe

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Names don't follow grammar rules.

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my name is Zoe (w/o the dots on top), its just the way u spell it. U can spell like Zoey, Zoe, Zoee, Zoi, Zoie and its still pronounced like Zoey. It's just that the ending letters all sound like "e". In Joe you don't say the "e" (Jo) but in Joey you do say the "e" Joey"

Why isn't hoe pronounced hoey.

yeah, it's supposed to have two dots or sometimes the little dash, like on the end of Buble...and pronounced as such

um false, zoe is the short form of zoey... It's not prounced weird...

@Child_Of_Gallifrey um false, zoe is the short form of zoey... It's not prounced weird...

Um false, many people actually spell it that way. I know 2 people who do this at my school.

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