Checkers:Because chess is too difficult, amirite?

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I hate checkers. Chess is where it's at.

I suck at both, but at least I can understand why I suck at checkers.

iSporks avatar iSpork Yeah You Are +4Reply

Chess is UBER fun, you just have to give it a chance.
The challenge is what makes it fun.

julieLs avatar julieL No Way +3Reply

Only in America would you think of the restaurant before the game.

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No... ...for a second, yes.

i've never understood checkers...chess is way easier for me haha

i fucking love chess

Hipsters avatar Hipster Yeah You Are +1Reply

Snorg tees? Very original.

Anonymous +1Reply
@Snorg tees? Very original.

Originality is dead, get used to it.

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I suck at checkers, my 9 year old cousin can beat me, but I'm pretty good at chess.

Anonymous +1Reply

what's a snorg tee

SenCenes avatar SenCene Yeah You Are +1Reply

Checkers is more fun then chess. Chess over complicates the battle to make it more noble where as checkers is all the faff taken out to test you not your memory.

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I never got the hang of checkers, chess I can do, though.

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