I don't celebrate X-Mas, I cleberate Christmas; I don't play X-Box, I play Christbox, amirite?

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"So I was playing Christbox last night and I totally owned this newb in Call of God 3."
"Psh, I think Call of God is an awful game. I play Apostle's Creed."

@Montana I prefer Prince of Peace. That or Left4dead.

I played Prince of Peace but then my Christbox died. Strangely enough, it started working again after three days.

Hey, did you hear that Angel's Halo: Reach is coming out tomorrow?

I don't have X-rays taken of my arm. I have Christ-rays burn a hole in my arm.


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Christbox: Finally, a video game system that overprotective parents won't complain about.

dammit...ignore the typos please, it was late lol

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