21 is way too young to be in a serious relationship, amirite?

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I see you mixed your numbers up, silly you.

What do you consider a good age? 48? maybe 62?

Probably one of the worst posts I've seen in a while...and I'm a troll.

gee I wonder what you think of the show 16 and pregnant...

Are you trying to make yourself feel better?

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Hey guys, listen. Crazy cat women have internet too, so just give her a break.

Are you a nun?

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Love didn't have an age restrictions on it, last time I checked...

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My cousin has been with her husband since they were both 15, they're both 27 now. I agree most teenagers aren't mature enough to handle a serious relationship, but sometimes you meet a young couple who actually handle their relationship better than most adults. True love doesn't have boundaries; gender, age, distance, etc. shouldn't stop two people from being together.

Are you sure you don't mean like ..12? Because I agree that middle school and beginning of high school is too young to have a serious relationship. But 21? Someone's lonely....

My granny and grandpapa got married when they were 21/23 and they had their 50 year anniversary in July.

Why would you say 21 is too young?

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That's the age my parents got married and they've been together 30 years already!

i'm 21 and engaged. "No way" doesn't really express the "no-way-ness" of my opinion here.

Somebody's a 35 y/o in their parent's basement...
Look, 21 is nothing close to too young. 14 is probably closer, but definately not 12 or younger. 21? Seeing that and how you said "WAY too young" I can imagine now either a 60 y/o cat lady or a 35 y/o playing WoW. Fail.

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I love how everyone took this so seriously.

zeewierkoekjes zijn vies

All I can say is FAIL....

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All I can say is FAIL....

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All I can say is FAIL...

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All I can say is FAIL...

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