You did not know, that the White House is only white because Canadians burned it, and the Americans wanted to cover the burnt parts so they quickly painted it white. amirite?

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The British*

@RockyRaccoon The British*

I came to the comments for that exact reason. This is pretty sad.

Also in the same scenario didn't the First Lady at the time save a bunch of paintings? I'm going on a memory from the seventh grade, so I'm not to sure..

I was always under the impression that it just burnt down completely, so when they rebuilt, they just had it painted white. Unless I'm thinking of something else...?

Oh for heavens sake. That is wrong Canadians don't do that stuff I https://www.whitehousehistory.o...use-whitethink it was the British or maybe the Southerners.
https://www.whitehousehistory.o...te-house-white read that

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